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musn129(머선129) is a new word to express "What is going on?" in Korean.
In English, it can be expressed similarly like "What 12 9oing on?".

How it works?

Get Stock News
Fetch news of companies which is in S&P500 or NASDAQ after stock market closes.
Get Stock Information
Fetch stocks' price and change.
Summarize News
Using deep learning model(SQuAD-like), find answer span. ex) "Why Nvidia stock goes up?"
Group News
Group news by stock ticker.


  • Data for that day is provided after 7:30 PM Eastern Time since all infomartions are fetched after stock market closed.
  • List of companies that are in S&P500 and NASDAQ is not updated, so it may differ from the current one. And some companies are included in NASDAQ, for personal interest. You can view the list of companies in musn129.